Memories of the 9th Parachute Battalion

The following are random photos featuring 9th Parachute Battalion members taken over the years at various events.

Sid Capon of ‘C’ Company, 9th Parachute Battalion and Jack Newnham who parachuted into Normandy with 224 Field (Parachute) Ambulance.
Gordon Newton and Peter Lovett, ‘A’ Company at the Reunion Club Dinner, 2004.
Union Jack Club, London. Photo by Dick Goodwin.
With Sid Capon, Peter Bowden (‘C’ Company) and Ron McCaffrey. This was taken in 2002 in the City of London Police Club following the Airborne Forces Remembrance Service at St Lawrence Jewry Church, beside the Guildhall. Over the years, Ron has done more for the veterans, especially in their trips to Normandy, than any other person I know. Photo: Dick Goodwin.
Sid Capon, Geoff Pattinson (‘A’ Company) and Mick Corboy (‘C’ Company).
Reunion Club Dinner 2004. Photo: Dick Goodwin.
With Harry Gary, ‘A’ Company. Reunion Club Dinner 2004.
Photo; Dick Goodwin.
John Speechley, ‘C’ Company with Peter Timpf, a German soldier who was a member of the patrol that was heading towards the Battery from the direction of Gonneville when they ran into Lt Hugh Pond’s ‘A’ Company men that had landed in the assault glider close to the village.