The Pegasus and Orne Bridges

So much has been written about the D-Day capture of Pegasus Bridge. However, the majority of this is regurgitated material from Stephen Ambrose’s 1984 book Pegasus Bridge. The Pegasus and Orne Bridges is the first and only book that goes into the capture, defence and relief of the bridge and that of the River Orne, in detail, and in the words of the men who were actually there. Five years of research has meant that evidence-wise, no stone has been unturned, be it written, audio, film or photographic, in producing this book.

Many books have attempted to describe the famous capture of the Pegasus and Horsa Bridges in the opening minutes of the Normandy Landings, but this volume surpasses them all. As with his previous book detailing the destruction of the Merville Battery, The Day The Devils Dropped In, Neil Barber strives to keep his own narrative to a minimum and instead allows the words of innumerable veterans to describe events, beginning with the formulation of the invasion plan in February 1944, and then the months of intense training, culminating in D-Day itself, the successful capture of the bridges, and the efforts of the 5th Parachute Brigade to defend them until finally relieved in the early hours of the 7th June. The result is an extremely readable and utterly comprehensive, if not definitive account of the actions around the bridges. Highly recommended.” The Pegasus Archive

This book is rightly regarded as the authoritative reference of the actions in and around the Orne bridgehead.” The Eagle – Magazine of the Glider Pilot Regiment 

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