The Pegasus Diaries – The Biography of Major John Howard DSO

The bust of Major John Howard beside Pegasus Bridge

Many people ask what I think of Stephen Ambrose’s 1984 book, ‘Pegasus Bridge‘ and I will certainly deal with that in a later post. However, recently it was hoped that a film about Pegasus Bridge would come to fruition. Sadly that was not the case, but one of the matters arising was a Facebook page produced to publicise it. To say it was illuminating about ‘public knowledge’ of the action was an understatement ! Again, I will probably talk in detail about that in another post. One of the basic things that was apparent was the widespread ignorance of The Pegasus Diaries, the biography of Major Howard by his daughter Penny Bates. And so this is just a notice recommending that people with an interest read this marvellous book. It explains more about John Howard, his character and his actions, that any other publication.