Remembering Harold ‘Johnnie’ Walker, 9th Parachute Battalion

One here from a good few years ago. Harold ‘Johnnie’ Walker of 12 Platoon, ‘C’ Company, 9th Parachute Battalion. Harold was one of the (approximate) 150 men that took part in the assault on the Merville Gun Battery during the early hours of D-Day. Being in 12 Platoon, he was one of the men led towards No 1 Casemate by Lieutenant Alan Jefferson. Jefferson didn’t make it to the casemate, being wounded shortly after getting through the wire, but Harold carried on with the few others which included his great friend, Sid Capon. They did make it to the casemate with some of the other 12 Platoon members and subsequently cleared it.

After the war Harold became a regular visitor to the Battery. In the above image he is standing beneath his photo that was featured, along with many others of the Battalion, in the ‘old museum’ at the Battery, within No 1 Casemate.

Harold and Sid remained great friends. Sid was a real fighter for the rights of any ex-9th Parachute Battalion man, and when Harold and his family, who lived in Stoke, were threatened with forced eviction to make way for a new dual carriageway, Sid was immediately on the case. They carriageway ended up being built AROUND the house !

Two marvellous men. Never forgotten.