Lord Lovat and THAT White Sweater !

With the 75th Anniversary of D-Day rapidly approaching, it’s that time when many of the famous old myths are resurrected and given a new life in various publications written to ‘coincide’ with the event. It’s happens every five years ! And so the following, and a few subsequent posts, are written to clarify some of those issues. This particular post deals with Lord Lovat’s white sweater, or lack of one !

This myth has stemmed from the film, ‘The Longest Day’. Even though Lovat was an advisor on the film, he probably deemed it not that important, but he would never have guessed that it would subsequently be written into history itself. Suffice to say, he never wore such a sweater on D-Day. Its a simple one to prove really, as there is film and photographic evidence, as can be seen below.

The landing on Sword Beach. showing Piper Bill Millin about to disembark. Lovat can be seen in the water, third from the left.
Lovat, third from left on D+1 in Amfreville, talking to an officer of the 9th Parachute Battalion. Another example of him wearing a battledress blouse.